How to order

Ordering a test from us is quick and simple. You can order online using our secure portal, Nucleus or send us a requisition form by mail.

If you’re not sure whether Blueprint Genetics has an appropriate test for your patient, or if you are unsure about the most appropriate test, please review the diagnostic panels in the Testing section of our website. There you’ll find a description of each panel, including a list of covered genes and regions within each gene, analytical performance, and potential limitations. If your patient’s phenotype is partly unclear and you are still unsure which test to choose, email or call us to make a consultation request.

Choose the preferred way to order:

Nucleus Order

Our online ordering and reporting system.

If this is your first time ordering from us, start by registering as a Nucleus user. Then you can login to Nucleus and choose the medical specialty the test is under. Notice that Family Member Testing, Whole Genome Del/Dup (CNV) and Whole Exome are their own categories. Click on specific test to access the order form and follow the instructions to complete the requisition. After submitting your order, you will receive an order confirmation email that includes a summary of your order. Now all you need to do is to send the patient sample to us!

Order form

Fill in both forms and send them back to us.

Panels & Whole Genome Del/Dup (CNV)
Whole Exome Sequencing

Exome testing is not currently available in the US.

Requisition form and informed consent can be downloaded either in US letter or A4 size. Print the PDF, complete the required information, and send the requisition form to us by land mail or fax. After the referral form has been received and processed by Blueprint Genetics, you will receive an order confirmation email together with your login details to our Nucleus portal. You can then use your login to place new orders, follow the status of your orders and access the statements of your patients with completed tests.

Order specimen kit

Order a specimen kit with sample tube, requisition form and prepaid return.

You can order either blood or saliva sample collection kit that includes requisition form and everything needed to send the sample to our laboratory. Once we receive your order, you will be notified via email.

Who can order genetic tests from Blueprint Genetics?

Our genetic tests can be ordered only by qualified healthcare professionals.

What should I consider before ordering a test?

Before ordering a test, a healthcare professional should explain to the patient to be tested:

  • What is the purpose of the test,
  • What the test results mean (including positive, negative and possible uncertain results),
  • That the results might reveal information about patient’s family members’ health.

If you are not sure whether Blueprint Genetics has a test for your patient or what would be the optimal test for your patient, please first review our diagnostic panels in the website top bar menu under ‘tests’ where each panel is shortly described including a list of covered genes and regions within each gene, analytic performance and potential limitations. If the phenotype is partly unclear and you are still unsure which test to pick up, send us a consultation preferably by email or phone (see contact section). Please do not insert patient’s name or social security number (or equivalent) in emails. Customer will be advised by email within 24 hours from the request.